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Entrepreneurial Vision

"Strengthen Roots"

Product Management

Explore operations, collect data, and conduct analysis. Discuss findings, proposals, and recommendations with management and founders. Develop plans, roadmaps, and goals that address key deficiencies and opportunities for the organization.

Craft a story about the product or service that will entice potential customers to make a purchase, and collect customer feedback after the launch. Educate the public about the value and benefits of the offering. Bringing awareness to the offering, building trust and creating conversation with potential customers and converting potential customers into paying customers.

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Real Estate

Provide strategic planning for real estate development. There are three primary categories for real estate development: Land use, redefining, and redevelop . Land use is understanding the market to develop something new on the proposed raw land area. Redefining is taking an existing structure and developing it to something that was not the original intention. Redevelop is understanding the current development does not align with business goals and a redevelop is necessary. It all starts with land sales and purchasing. 

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Principal Planner

     Skilled at planning and executing positioning, messaging and go-to-market plans. One of my biggest strengths is being able to collaborate and align with colleagues across all different management levels and departments. Partnering with vendors and stakeholders to communicate plans and action items for the product team. Leading, establishing and implementing strategic and tactical communications plans designed to capitalize on market opportunities, generate demand, and improve overall growth.

     Research and analyze the existing and emerging competitive landscape to make recommendations for how to sustain and grow competitive advantage. Analyze and keep attune to the market trends taking place that impact the business today or could in the future. Lead cross-functional teams to stay on track with the implementation plan. While intently monitoring the data from several campaigns to determine cross campaign best practices. Delivered data dashboards to assist executive leadership in promoting and telling the story of department efforts.

     I received my Bachelors in Business Management from Brigham Young University - Idaho with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Management. I was awarded a Masters in Business Administration from Louisiana State University -  Shreveport with an emphasis in Marketing. My education has taught me many critical principals that are valuable in all business functions. 




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